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-Specializing in wood restoration
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-Exterior painting
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Burgess-Martin, Inc. strives to be the number one provider of painting and staining in the North Tahoe/Truckee area! We emphasize on using top grade proven products and applications specific to the area to bring you a quality finished product at the most competitive price. Along with our excellent area painting and staining knowledge, we offer the same great customer service and reliability that has made our snow removal service such a success. Burgess-Martin, Inc. also recognizes and supports green friendly practices and has some green friendly approaches to painting and staining your home.

Exterior Painting and Staining
-Homes - full or partial

Due to the mountain landscape of the Tahoe/Truckee area, your homes are exposed to an extreme climate that can lead to irreversible damage to siding and exterior wood if not properly maintained. That's why Burgess-Martin, Inc. specializes in exterior painting and staining offering residential as well as new construction services. We only use products and applications proven to be the most efficient and compatible with this area. Better applications and the right products lead to less maintenance in the long run and more money saved later. If your home is already showing signs of weathering, we offer full or partial wood restorations in conjunction with quality transparent stains to get you back on track to maintaining the beauty of your mountain home. If your painted home is showing signs of weathering, we offer the use of self-priming latex stains in conjunction with top grade primer/sealers as well as many other products to ensure a long lasting paint job. We also offer the use of many other products depending on the application need for your home.

Wood Restoration
-Houses - full or partial
before house staining After House staining wood restoration pressure washing wood restoration pressure washing finished
                  Before                                     After                                    Before                                After

We take pride in all of our restorations using specialty techniques specific to your home to restore its natural color and prepare surfaces for recoating. Our products and techniques have been proven to effectively remove oil based stains as well as gray weathered wood, mold, mildew, tannin bleeding (blackening) and water stains. A biodegradable stripping agent and a wood brightener are used in conjunction with pressure washing to achieve an even and renewed looking finish. Depending on the condition of your home, we can bring most exterior siding and wood to a presentable if not new looking appearance and condition. All houses are usually different, and an evaluation will be necessary to tell what kind of condition it can be restored to. In certain cases some wood can be beyond our repair and will have to be replaced.

Interior Painting
Burgess-Martin, Inc. knows that having a good attention detail is the key to a good interior paint job. We handle all of your interior painting needs from new construction, custom colors or just recoating.

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